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Individual, Couples, Family Therapy

I have been working in the area for the past 15 years. I am very passionate about helping individuals, couples, and families in the community.

During the COVID-19 crisis, I am conducting tele-therapy from my private home office using secure HIPAA approved video and voice conferencing.

I am a licensed clinician with extensive training, certifications, and experience providing therapy for anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders which are prevalent during crisis situations.  I can help you with strategies for managing your stress and to help alleviate anxiety and worry.

I use an eclectic mix of psycho-dynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness based therapies to focus on problems and help develop solutions.  Studies have shown cognitive-behavioral therapy is highly effective for many issues.  In this therapy, we explore the effects of our thoughts on our emotions.  Through dialogue and exercises, we can change our thinking so we lead a more fulfilled life.

I also use psycho-dynamic methods of treatment.  Our concerns, worries, or behaviors originate from a mix of individual background and interactions with important people in our lives.  By examining the underpinnings of these relationships, we discover why we think, feel, and behave the way we do. Finally, mindfulness based practices help us focus on present day issues so we can better tackle day-to-day concerns and be more grounded and directed.

I regularly ask for feedback and adjust our sessions to maintain a comfortable pace. I work with you to formulate a treatment plan with goals that are specific to your circumstances. Starting counseling is the first step in taking control in leading a happier and more fulfilled life.

Group Therapy

I consider group therapy a microcosm of real life.  Often, we act in group differently than how we behave in individual therapy.  Group therapy can be highly beneficial and instrumental in helping us gain insight.  It is a valuable way to offer and receive support, nurturing, and recognition while working through similar issues.

The groups I have led are dynamic, nurturing, and where members can respectfully challenge each other.  We discuss our concerns and worries, but also address our strengths (where we focus on members’ skills and talents).  Additionally, I strongly encourage good boundaries.  It is not a place where people feel saddled by other peoples’ problems.  My groups are highly positive environments where people are uplifted by each other.  I evaluate and assess whether an individual is a good ‘fit’ for a particular group.  I like to think I am cognizant of group members’ needs and, therefore, try to find suitable members to join.

I am very grateful for the wonderful groups I have led.  Some of the highlights of the groups have been when members celebrate progress and gain insight into their own and other members’ behaviors.  With insight comes change and the ability to lead a more fulfilling life.