Stress and Anxiety

  • Do Sunday evenings fill you with worry?
  • Are you stressed or anxious?
  • Do you have a sense of dread, feel panicky or overwhelmed?
  • Do you have a long To-Do List, put things off for another time, or have difficulty completing minor tasks?
  • Do you feel like life will never get better?

We all have episodes where stress and tension cause increased anxiety.  However, for many of us, the feeling of fear or apprehension, often with no clear justification, creates obstacles to living peaceful lives and fulfilling our potential.  With anxiety, we react to subjective, internal emotional states rather than clear and actual dangers.  I work with clients to help them understand the nature of their anxiety or stress and teach them techniques to decrease anxious and stressful thoughts and feelings and increase their capacity to cope with them.

Getting help is important: chronic stress causes physiological changes and many studies have shown that if left untreated, long-term anxiety can have significant physical and mental health consequences.  Some anxiety in the course of daily life is normal, but if you feel that you are constantly stressed-out or worried or that life is just too burdensome, please call me and we can discuss how I can help.