Relationship counseling focuses on the unique needs of both individuals as well as the needs of the partnership.  I see couples who are experiencing challenges that include:

  • Infidelity / Affairs
  • Sexual issues and sex addiction
  • Substance abuse
  • Arguing and fighting
  • Feeling disconnected or lonely
  • Pre-marital concerns

I help couples in an objective, unbiased environment with techniques aimed at strengthening your relationship and rebuilding trust and commitment.  The counseling process includes exploring:

  • how partners can unintentionally trigger each other
  • how to understand our own feelings, needs, and motivations
  • techniques for communicating effectively and respectfully

I have helped hundreds of couples successfully navigate their relationships; counseling helps them feel more connected, re-discover mutual interest, care deeply for each other, and resolve their differences without arguments.  If you are struggling with your relationship, call me to discuss how I can help.