I see children, adolescents, adults, and offer some specialized groups.  I am active in the community and collaborate with local mental health clinicians, area guidance counselors, and physicians regarding issues pertinent to our lives.  Some of our discussions have centered on the latest treatment approaches for depression, anxiety, trauma, and addictions.  Additionally, I have a strong relationship with area addictions centers with whom we collaborate how best to treat specific issues relevant to recovery.

I have a particular interest in creating a sense of wellness and good mental health.  I work to improve upon the strengths that we all have and can utilize.  I offer a weekly Adult Group.  These are dynamic and supportive groups where we discuss issues central to our lives:  setting boundaries with family and friends, assertiveness skills, finding ways to nurture oneself while taking care of others in our lives, coping with stress, greater interpersonal awareness, and developing adequate support systems that encourage and stimulate us.

I also see a number of people in my practice who struggle with different forms of sex addiction whether it be internet/porn, chat rooms, or affairs.  Sometimes I see the partner of someone who is struggling with these concerns.  Together, we explore and understand intricate experiences and the unique frustrations partner sex addiction brings to a relationship.  Often, there is so much shame that people are unwilling or unable to seek assistance.

Please call me at 301.526.6749 for additional information or to discuss how I may be helpful to you or someone you know.  I offer a complimentary phone consultation during which time we can assess how best I can be of help.